Recruiting Volunteers from Non-Technical Professions

When you look for web team volunteers, do not just focus on computer geeks. Many other professions provide valuable insight, perspective, and content. Learn how to spot that hidden talent in your congregation. Many will worry they are not tech savvy enough to make your site shine. Reassure them that enthusiasm and a teachable attitude is all that is required.

Getting enough volunteers for ministries is an ongoing challenge. Some teams think they can only rely younger, tech savvy volunteers. That may be true for video production or your sound booth. Your web and social media teams are not bound by this constraint. You will need a well-versed member to run your website. But producing content only requires experience in life. In fact an older member may be better suited for this. Here are a few professionals you may want to keep a look out for.


Finding a school teacher in your midst should be like finding $100 in your pocket. They understand basic grammar. They appreciate good sentence structure. In fact I am certain they can write far better than me! If you have an English teacher, you might consider making them your editor. Plus teachers typically have an innate ability to show us an old concept in a new way. This makes them perfect to help train new members.


Many churches have the 20-30 year old demographic at the forefront of their minds. Getting young adults usually means getting young couples. Young couples typically mean children. A healthy kids ministry is a sign of a healthy church with a great future. A parent of a child understands most parent's worries and concerns. They also remember the mindset of their children. They might not know what the latest trend for teenagers are. But they will remember how to connect to parents of younger children. They will think of every follow-on comment about safety, security, and food allergies. With their help, your children's ministry communications will be thorough and well thought out.

Retail and Food Services

You may not think a cashier has a lot to contribute to a website. What does a waitress know about social media? Maybe not much, but they do know people. They understand what really motivates them. They have a firm grasp of how to handle an angry customer. Aside from your pastor, these people may have great ideas for handling hostile social media comments.


You need photos from every event at your church. Photographs grab attention on social media posts. These people know how to capture the essence of a moment. Their eye for design will keep your website and social media platforms buzzing with interest. By all means, encourage them to attend events. Better yet, ask them to teach their art to the next generation. The more people with an eye for photography, the better!

Action Item

Look for people of all walks of life that can bring talent and spark to your digital teams. Non-technical professions deliver more than what you might expect. The only thing is that you meet them where they are. Your photographer may not know how to upload photos to your website. A retired teacher may prefer to proofread printed articles. The sales clerk may not have access to a computer. Parents are probably super busy either with their kids, or their new empty nest. Regardless, empathize where they are with technology. Help them over that hurdle and soon you will have all the volunteers you needed.

Note: This post was inspired by Paul Boag's short audio tip "Education is a two way street"

Photograph courtesy of Michael Roach

Author: Stephen Morrissey

I have been making websites since 1996, and using social media since 2006. My current profession is designing user experiences for corporate software, websites, and mobile applications. I started sharing my knowledge with the world in 2011, about a year after a revival in my faith.