CWS Podcast – Ep 76: Donations on your Church Website: Tools and Services

cws-podcast-logoReady to add online donations to your website and social media campaigns? You may have wanted to start on this step of picking a credit card processor. Yet this article is to be more of a reminder that you need to do some work in parallel. While your technical and financial teams sort out what makes sense, your writers and communications team has some work. Dig into the first three episodes of the series. If you are a one person team? Well I have no consolation prize or special advice. Get listening and get to work!
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Make Technology Personal in your Church

Many people dislike the introduction of technology into their church. They may feel that it removes that comfortable, personal touch. Yet I contest there are ways to make a process digital, but still personable. Show how using technology does not mean only working with a machine. By using trained church members, you can help digital interactions. Show how to extend the church experience throughout the week with social media.
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Breaking Down Silos: Analog Experiences

When you break down silos, information and ideas flow from one thing to the next. Experiences do not always start or end with your church website. Many of you have called for a product or service, only to get transferred from one person to another. Every time you needed to re-explain your situation. It is obvious that the company you are dealing with thought about seamless experiences. This article will provide tools and advice on how to avoid these situations at your church.
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Integrating Digital Platforms

Take a moment to consider all your church’s digital assets. They most likely include your website, social media, search engine ranking, mobile apps, and church operations. They are not entities to keep separate. Digital platforms are everywhere in your church. The better news is that they can often share and exchange information. Here I will encourage you to better integrate your digital platforms to grow your church and reduce resources.
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What Numbers Matter

Numbers and statistics matter for your digital ministries. Numbers can mean dollars spent, people reached, conversions made, and attendance increased. Yet some numbers matter more than others. Some numbers tie directly to the goals of your church while others just make us feel good. This article will help you make sense of the many statistics your digital spaces provide.
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Growing the Best Digital Team

How do you most effectively grow your church’s digital team? Through great experiences and learning opportunities. It would be easy to hire the world’s premiere web specialists. It would also be expensive. If you do not have the resources to make that happen, the next best thing is to create them yourself. This article discusses how we can best grow and nurture our digital teams.
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Creating Great Church Staff Listings on your Website

We often have deep connections to our churches and our faith. If you are changing either of them, comfort is key. When you show up at a church for the first time, you want to feel comfortable and welcome. The easiest way is to walk in already knowing a few people. Unless you have a church staff listing, this may prove to be nearly impossible. This article explores what to include and tips to make them more effective.
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Helping Church Hospitality With Your Website

Your website works hard to get someone through your doors. Does the experience stop there? No. Ushers and greeters are some of the first people a new visitor encounters. What can you do to help those key pieces of the welcoming experience? This article explores how can you use your website to help them, as well as grow your hospitality team.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 64: Leaving a Digital Legacy

cws-podcast-logoOften churches take donations to purchase flowers for the altar; and a dedication is mentioned in the bulletin that week. Other churches may have a fundraiser where members purchase a brick that is inscribed with a loved one’s name. Tributes and memorials are way to honor and remember important people in our lives. Why not tie in your website so that memorials also live in the digital space. So how can you preserve a digital legacy? There are several options I will explore in this episode, including a memorial section, microsites, and even social media
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Promoting Church Events Online

From fundraisers to social events to conferences; churches host a lot of events. Many events benefit the church coffers, others drive membership, and hopefully all help the local community. The question here is how can your website help? The easy answer is content creation and propagation. This article will give you the more detailed answer that integrates your content with the tools and services you need for promoting church events.
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Starting a Social Media Sunday

Thanks to articles and podcasts, I learned of a phenomenon called “Social Media Sunday”. Carolyn Clement started this great yearly event. It focuses on promoting a church’s social media presence, and familiarizing a congregation with how they can help bolster that presence. Yet the most controversial aspect is the encouragement of congregation members to actively engage and share with social media during parts of the service. Despite your concerns about social media, there are ways you can better integrate it with your regular Sunday services; and this article explores how.
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CWS Podcast – Ep. 43: Never Too Late to Start

cws-podcast-logoNewsflash: you do not need to be young to work in technology. Basic computer skills and a can-do attitude can put nearly anyone in charge of the daily maintenance of your church’s website. Here are some tips and encouragement to get volunteers of any age involved and engaged. It is never too late to start!
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