Site News


  • Oct 2018: Added SSL support to the site, so all traffic is now encrypted
  • Feb 2018: Added the categories to the main page, which I hope will more quickly direct you to content
  • Jan 2018: Created article categories to better guide readers, started sorting articles


  • Dec 2017: Finished adding images and updated semantic structure for all articles (275 at the time)


  • Sep 2016: Began writing articles, but not at my previous weekly pace
  • May 2016: Took a 4-month break from regular writing


  • Dec 2015: Featured guest on the Pro Church Tools podcast: Episode 93
  • Nov 2015: Featured guest on the Social Media Church podcast: Episode 103
  • Oct 2015: Featured guest on the Innovate 4 Jesus podcast with Jenn Craycraft


  • Jul 2013: Launch the podcast portion of this website with an aim to give readers an easier way to consume content


  • Jul 2012: Compiled my first year of writing into a print-on-demand book, The Rookie Year.
  • Mar 2012: Re-branded the site under its current domain


  • Jul 2011: After writing a buffer of four articles, I published the first article on this blog on my personal website