Church Social Media like a Cyborg

Cyborgs are science fiction characters that are primarily human, but have robot parts. They usually have the emotions of a human, but the physical strength and speed of a machine. This is how you need to run your church’s social media campaigns. Some aspects need to show the human emotions of the people in your church. Other aspects are automated by a computer to allow for better productivity. This balance is what your church should strive to achieve.
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3 Rules for Church Email Newsletters

Email is still a viable technology today, and this article will help you make the most of it. Email was first used in 1971, yet it is still one of the most effective methods to communicate with your audience. Social media is quickly becoming a pay to play market. Relying on visitors to regularly check your website is a joke. In fact, the only line of communication that gets a higher connection rate is SMS text messages. So let us dig into some ways to make your church email newsletter more effective.

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What Numbers Matter

Numbers and statistics matter for your digital ministries. Numbers can mean dollars spent, people reached, conversions made, and attendance increased. Yet some numbers matter more than others. Some numbers tie directly to the goals of your church while others just make us feel good. This article will help you make sense of the many statistics your digital spaces provide.
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Curating Empathy on Social Media

Show empathy when publishing content to your digital platforms. Failing to do so can result in problems that range from humorous to downright offensive. It is easy to schedule posts for your website and social media channels. Yet I caution you to review your posts before they go live. Add a personal touch that will prevent mistakes and add authenticity.

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Online Telephones Vs. Megaphones

Do your website and social media posts sound more like a megaphone or a telephone? Megaphones are devices to communicate with the masses. Yet they lack that personal touch. What can your church do to have more interactions that resemble a telephone? Read on and find out how to make your content connect on a personal level.
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How Your Church Can Use Social Media Marketing

Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter started out with no solid business model. They were homegrown startups dreamed up by people who wanted to enable something amazing. Soon millions of people engaged with each other via these outlets. To create a sustainable business model, it became a “pay to play” world for businesses. In this article I will discuss what this new realm of social media marketing is. I will explore what types exists, and what your church can do to get the most out of them.
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A Social Media Sabbath

Churches want their congregation to use social media to promote their sermons and events. Some even post special hashtags to encourage you to share without hesitation. While “live tweeting” during a message can be beneficial, some think we need to take a break. This article will outline situations where a break from social media may be quite beneficial.
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Church Personality and Humor on the Web

The CIA’s first post on Twitter got over hundred 75,000 favorites. The FBI’s first use of Twitter got one favorite. One of these organizations used humor, and one did not. If a government agency charged with safeguarding the United States’ secrets can be funny, so can your church. Your church personality and humor can live and breathe on your website and social media outlets. This article will show how and where you can use tasteful comedy to show your brand and culture.
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Giving Thanks via your Church Website

Giving thanks for our many blessings is a posture we can all stand to take. Use your website and social media to show your church’s thankfulness. Are you looking for some inspiration? Consider members, staff, your congregation, and youth for inspiration. There are many groups that want to express their thanks to you, the church, and to God. Let their message shine on your website and on social media platforms.
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Crowdsourcing Your Church’s Popularity

Search engines are about connecting people to content. If they have a question, the search engine attempts to find the best content to answer that question. It may be a website page, a video, or a profile on social media. While content should be relevant, it also helps if it is popular. You may think you have no control over your popularity. Yet, I will show you a few techniques that can help your status rise among churches in your area. Continue reading “Crowdsourcing Your Church’s Popularity”

Serving a Balanced Diet of Content

You would not serve your family the same meal week after week. Consequently, do not always serve the same content to your website and social media audiences. You need a mix of content, each with a different goal. You also serve different meals at certain times of the day. Be purposeful with the time of day you publish your content. By serving a balanced diet of content, you have better results and do not burn out your audience.
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Equipping Parents and Teens for Social Media

Developing strongĀ youth ministries is a priority at many churches today.Ā ExploringĀ social media ministry is a priority as well. Yet the combination of the teens on social media could prove to be dangerous. I suggest equipping parents and teens for social media, and its potential pitfalls. How can your church accomplish this? I feel the answer starts with well-educated parents, sound guidelines, and enforced policies. These will all help protect children while advancing your online ministries.
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