CWS Podcast – Ep 79: Repurposing Your Content For Bigger Impacts

cws-podcast-logoOne problem most churches face is consistent content production. Regular updates tell users you are an active congregation, regardless of your size. It also gives search engines new pages to index. Plus, active pages rank higher in search results. But who has the time to create regular updates? You do. In this podcast I will tell you where you can easily repurpose content for multiple channels of communication.

Topics covered include

  • Using content from sermons
  • Teasing out content from bulletins

Action item

You are already creating sermons and bulletins. So why not use these two sources of content to breathe new life into your stagnant website or social media campaign. Many of these steps can be automated and scheduled ahead of time. Your website staff can set these up on Monday, and have the rest of the week to focus on larger strategic endeavors. So get moving, get that content out there, and grow your church online!

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Author: Stephen Morrissey

I have been making websites since 1996, and using social media since 2006. My current profession is designing user experiences for corporate software, websites, and mobile applications. I started sharing my knowledge with the world in 2011, about a year after a revival in my faith.