CWS Podcast – Ep 80: Taking the Sunday out of Sunday School

cws-podcast-logoHow does your church website engage the youngest members of your church? It does not. It engages the parents of those members. So how do you reach them? With regular contact and reminders about the lesson that was started during Sunday School and how it should continue the rest of the week. Below are a few ways your church can incorporate Sunday school into everyday life.

Topics covered include

  • Daily Notes
  • Weekly Reminders
  • Monthly Digests

Action item

What tempo of Email newsletter would benefit your church? What tempo can your team sustain? Will your members embrace Email updates? Can you switch from printed material to Email content, and remind your audience that they have a responsibility in raising their children in the faith as much as the Sunday School teachers do? If so, ask your audience to subscribe to a pace they feel comfortable with; whether that be daily, weekly, or monthly. Then sit back and watch your audience grow and flourish.

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Author: Stephen Morrissey

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