Tips for Surviving Unemployment

Unemployment is not a great place to be. In fact, it feels horrible. Knowing that you are no longer wanted or needed at your place of employment is only compounded by being reliant on your government for sustenance. But in some instances, this can be a great place to reset your career.

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The Power of Checklists in Church Communications

Checklists are essential for consistent execution of any communications projects. They help even the most seasoned professional remember every step in a process. Even the most experienced staff member needs to stay on track. Do you think otherwise? Consider pilots and surgeons. These highly-skilled professionals use the power checklists to ensure mistakes are not made. This article delves into several ways checklists can help your team succeed.

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Encourage “I Don’t Know”

If how to create websites was figured out, a lot companies and people (myself included) would be out of business. I consider this to be an amazing period of time because we are still inventing, experimenting, and exploring how to fully utilize web technologies. Thus, in many cases when problems are set before us, we have no clear-cut way to solve it yet. Web teams need to become more comfortable with saying three very difficult words, “I don’t know”, and in this article I will outline when it is OK to say it.
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Making Websites Like a Child

If you ask a child if they can draw, they will tell you yes. If you ask an adult, they will often say no because they assume you are asking if they can draw well. The honesty and innocence of children is a trait praised by Jesus, and is something web teams can utilize as they approach their church websites.
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Website Failure: Placing Blame

Many decisions around websites are subjective; that is based on opinions and guesses. There are emerging areas for objective, numbers-based, decisions; but those techniques are often out of scope of smaller churches. That said, what happens when those subjective decisions go awry and your website does not meet expectations?
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Website Failure: Building Hope

Launching a new website can be fun and exciting, filled with wild expectations of a flourishing church ministry. Then reality hits you when church attendance remains the same, and website traffic numbers are floundering. Here I will offer suggestions on how to maintain hope and deal with the obstacles of growing your church’s Internet presence.

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